Interesting Information about Jewish Traditions and Customs


Moshe Rabin, a rabbi of Rohr Bais Chaya Synagogue knows everything about the Jewish traditions and customs. Hence, if you want to know more about it, there is no one better to call than him. Rabbis can also be named as “teacher”, and they are highly respected in the Jewish community. They believe in their teachings and decisions, as they know they are always fair, truthful and kind.

There are many traditions and customs of the Jewish community that seem interesting and far from the ordinary. This article may not have all of them, but expect bits and pieces of fun facts that are absolutely good to know.

Interesting Traditions And Customs Of The Jewish Community

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The Torah

The Torah is Jewish sacred book, others call it the Hebrew Bible. The features of this book are almost identical to what you can read and see in a Christian Bible, the only  difference is that the order of The Torah’s text is different.

The Torah highlights what the Hebrew people should follow. There are some instances when they call it “Pentateuch”.

Most people from the Hebrew nation are preserved and they strictly follow the wide range of laws their Holy Book commands, particularly their commitment in passing the knowledge to everyone, specifically the next generation.

They dress modestly

Jewish people give huge importance to dressing modestly, and avoid overly exposing themselves. Women wear clothes that can cover their collar bones down to their ankles, and from arms to to their elbows.

When a Jewish woman gets married, she needs to cover her hair using a tichel, sheitel or wig. They consider the hair as the most private part of their frame or body.

For men, they are recommended to wear a “hat” which they call a kippah or skullcap, or tallit when they are praying.

If the women are married, they will also need to wear a tichel – a cover for their hair – or a sheitel which is a form of a wig that covers their hair. The hair is considered to be the most intimate part of their body, especially after they get married. On the other hand, men have different attire. Tallit is long shawls that men can use as they pray. They come in different designs, colors and sizes.

Traditions are respected and carefully followed

Their community gives huge importance to their traditions. Each community has its own set of traditions, called minhag, they follow. Some of it is placing mezuzah above their door, celebrating holidays as stated in the Torah, and dressing up during holidays.  

Some of their most celebrated holidays are the following:

– Yom Kippur (The Day Of Atonement)

– Rosh Hashanah (The New Year)

– Chanukah (Celebration of light)

Since there are multiple Hebrew communities all over the globe, the way they celebrate differs from one community to another. But of course, they celebrate the same occasions only in different ways.

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