How to Become a Rabbi


If you want to be a rabbi like Rabbi Moshe Rabin, you have to remember that it is not easy and it requires full devotion to be able to perform the duties and responsibilities of a rabbi exactly as how it should be.

Yes, you can dream to become a rabbi, but since they are teachers and highly respected by the Jewish community, being one is not easy. If you are completely sure about this profession, it is strongly recommended that you read this article to know how you can become successful in pursuing your dream of becoming a rabbi.

Ways To Become A Rabbi

So, here are ways to become a rabbi:

Know your Jewish heritage, if you are not one, you can convert to Judaism

This is considered to be one, if not the most important step of becoming a rabbi. You need to establish that you are Jewish since birth, and this can be proven by your biological parents.

As much as possible, you should already be involved in your Jewish faith and the synagogue as soon as you consider becoming a rabbi.

– Those who want to become a rabbi should live predominantly a Jewish lifestyle for at least 3 years. Are you involved in your community? How active is your Jewish faith? This is very important especially for Jews who are away from their Jewish faith for a long time.

– If you were not born as a Jewish, converting to Judaism is what you need to consider if you really want to be a Rabbi. Converting can be hard and a major decision you need to make, but if you really want to be a Rabbi, you must not think twice about converting to Judaism.

Living predominantly in a Jewish lifestyle for at least 1 year, completed the Mikvah process or conversion, and has taken conversion training at synagogue are prerequisites you need to seriously consider. If you are a male and you are not yet circumcised, undergo circumcision as well.

Learn Judaism different branches

As a certified Rabbi, you need to select one of the multiple branches of Judaism to practice and train in. Basically, there are 5 branches of Judaism, and each of them has its own approach to the Jewish practice. The five branches are known as:

– Orthodox Judaism

– Conservative Judaism

– Reform Judaism

– Reconstructionist Judaism

– Secular-Humanistic Judaism

Apply in a rabbinical school

After choosing the branch you want to become a rabbi, the next thing you need to do is find a rabbinical school offering the branch you want to pursue. For instance, if you want to become an Orthodox Judaism rabbi, hence, you need to go to a school offering this branch of Judaism.

Relocation may be necessary if you want to personally go to the school of your choice, if not, you can consider online schooling instead.

If you want to grasp everything in the most effective manner, it is recommended that you consider physical schooling rather than online.

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